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        Winter Weather Advisory and CNY Update

        Winter Weather Advisory and CNY Update

        Planned closures continue coast to coast as Winter Storm Uri continues to pour ice and snow across the US.  As of 2/17/21, Texas reports more than 3 million homes and businesses are still without power, with hundreds of thousands of people under a boil-water warning. Please be advised Winter Storm Uri has greatly impacted all Texas port activity.

        More inclement weather is expected with an additional storm now moving into the South with significant snow and ice expected. This storm will similarly bring snow and ice to the Northeast, including Boston to the Washington corridor.

        Due to the severe weather conditions, please be aware that some shipments in the related areas may experience delays inclusive of pick-up and delivery. Some extra charges such as demurrage, per diem, prepull, storage, chassis rental fees, waiting time charges, etc. may occur.

        Chinese New Year Update: Shipping Containers are Subject to Additional Delays

        The Chinese Government has ordered citizens to “celebrate in place” and avoid travel due to current Covid-19 concerns. While some factories have remained open, the impact to global shipping remains troublesome. Domestic travelers must quarantine for 14 days post travel and with many truckers opting to go home to celebrate the New Year (as is tradition), this makes them subject to mandatory quarantine. As a result, factory to port transportation is projected to suffer significant delays.

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